DIY Baby Food: Sweet Potato

DIY Baby Food

Up until his 6 month birthday (just last week!), my young son had only nursed. He was gaining weight well and I wanted to follow the AAP guidelines to wait 6 months before offering him solids. From what I’ve read, there is no benefit to introducing solids early, but there could be potential drawbacks as a small baby does not have a fully developed system.

Goodness, time moves fast. It seems that as soon as we settle into a good rhythm, we’re preparing for the next phase! There’s nothing I dislike more than packing up away clothes that no longer fit, or buying the next size diaper. Continue reading


Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

One of the first resources I looked to when beginning my journey towards healthier eating and cleaner living was the Environmental Working Group. The EWG has lots of great resources and research to help consumers make betterdecisions – i.e. allowing you to LIVE FREE! Free of anxiety. Free of pesticides. Free to eat as much sweet, summer fruit as you want!

I believe you can (and should!) eat unlimited amounts of strawberries grown in the backyard 🙂 The season always seems too short. 

Eating Strawberries

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