Monday Motivation


Be sore, not sorry


Hit the boardwalk!

Today I wore shorts on my run for the first time in ages. Felt great 🙂 #MondayMotivation


Easy, Healthy Turkey Burgers

turkey burgers

If you’re anything like our family, there is no such thing as a bad burger. Cheeseburgers are decadent! Veggie burgers are guilt-free! As they say, variety is the spice of life. In summer when the grill becomes the cooking apparatus of choice, it’s nice to have multiple options for an entree. In the winter, it’s an easy weeknight option and endlessly customizable.

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Nursing & Vitamin D Drops

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that nursing babies receive 400 IU of vitamin D per day as supplementation to the milk they’re receiving from their mother.

Vitamin D supplementation is not something I was prepared for upon my first pediatric visit. Isn’t my milk designed to provide my son with exactly what he needs? Haven’t people been feeding their babies milk for thousands of years without additional vitamins? Well, yes and no. Mother’s milk is perfect for babies! It provides the calories, fat and nutrients to help babies grow big and strong. However, humans primarily get their vitamin D from sun exposure and most of us (wisely) shield our little ones from the sun with a variety of color-coordinated accessories (sun-shirt!). In some parts of the world, there is very little sunlight.

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Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

One of the first resources I looked to when beginning my journey towards healthier eating and cleaner living was the Environmental Working Group. The EWG has lots of great resources and research to help consumers make betterdecisions – i.e. allowing you to LIVE FREE! Free of anxiety. Free of pesticides. Free to eat as much sweet, summer fruit as you want!

I believe you can (and should!) eat unlimited amounts of strawberries grown in the backyard 🙂 The season always seems too short. 

Eating Strawberries

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Easy & Safe Food Storage

It’s fairly common knowledge that toxic chemicals can leach out of many plastic containers into food or drinks. Luckily for modern consumers, this is fairly easy to avoid. Toss any scratched plastic, recycle numbers 3, 6 & 7 (found on the bottom) and refrain from heating food in plastic.

Keep reading for detailed information on what recycle numbers found on the bottom of containers mean, and even further down for better, cheaper options for your family.