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Adventures in Baby Food

new adventures in baby foodI recently shared my simple recipe for Sweet Potato Baby Food.  My little guy loved it! I’ve always been interesting in eating whole, real food and it’s been an adventure trying new combinations with him. With the “go ahead” from my pediatrician, the only thing I’ll be holding back from letting him sample before his first birthday is honey. Continue reading

DIY Baby Food: Sweet Potato

DIY Baby Food

Up until his 6 month birthday (just last week!), my young son had only nursed. He was gaining weight well and I wanted to follow the AAP guidelines to wait 6 months before offering him solids. From what I’ve read, there is no benefit to introducing solids early, but there could be potential drawbacks as a small baby does not have a fully developed system.

Goodness, time moves fast. It seems that as soon as we settle into a good rhythm, we’re preparing for the next phase! There’s nothing I dislike more than packing up away clothes that no longer fit, or buying the next size diaper. Continue reading

Nursing & Vitamin D Drops

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that nursing babies receive 400 IU of vitamin D per day as supplementation to the milk they’re receiving from their mother.

Vitamin D supplementation is not something I was prepared for upon my first pediatric visit. Isn’t my milk designed to provide my son with exactly what he needs? Haven’t people been feeding their babies milk for thousands of years without additional vitamins? Well, yes and no. Mother’s milk is perfect for babies! It provides the calories, fat and nutrients to help babies grow big and strong. However, humans primarily get their vitamin D from sun exposure and most of us (wisely) shield our little ones from the sun with a variety of color-coordinated accessories (sun-shirt!). In some parts of the world, there is very little sunlight.

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