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A little snow

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Laundry List: How to Keep Your Whites White Without Chemicals

Laundry List: How to Keep Your Whites White Without Chemicals

The minute spring and summer hit, the whites in my closet are put on heavy rotation. White jeans, white T-shirts, and crisp, white button-downs are all major staples in my wardrobe this time of year. So the challenge has been keeping my whites looking as fresh as when I first bought them. When you’re wearing whites a lot, you don’t want them to fade or yellow over time. But I also prefer the eco-friendly solution over harsh chemicals, and try not to keep bleach under my sink (especially with the pups in the house). So, I did a little research, and I was pleased to discover that there are several safe and natural alternatives to bleach. Check them out below…

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Adventures in Baby Food

new adventures in baby foodI recently shared my simple recipe for Sweet Potato Baby Food.  My little guy loved it! I’ve always been interesting in eating whole, real food and it’s been an adventure trying new combinations with him. With the “go ahead” from my pediatrician, the only thing I’ll be holding back from letting him sample before his first birthday is honey. Continue reading

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

I’ve been wanting to make my own homemade coffee scrub for a while. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on something filled with strange ingredients – when you can get the job done with something natural and inexpensive… with ingredients you likely have at home!

Plus, it’s fun to have a little at-home “Spa Sunday” once a month.

All you need are 3 ingredients: coffee grounds, brown sugar, and coconut oil. 

And you know I love coconut oil! (And sugar…. and coffee…)

Check out the DIY Coffee Body Scrub recipe by Jennifer over at Miss Lifestyler. Let me know what you think in the comments, or what tweaks you’ve made. Perhaps a little vanilla extract or orange essential oil?

DIY Baby Food: Sweet Potato

DIY Baby Food

Up until his 6 month birthday (just last week!), my young son had only nursed. He was gaining weight well and I wanted to follow the AAP guidelines to wait 6 months before offering him solids. From what I’ve read, there is no benefit to introducing solids early, but there could be potential drawbacks as a small baby does not have a fully developed system.

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