Hello friend, and welcome! LIVE FREE is a lifestyle blog dedicated to making your life easier by helping you:

  • Save Time: Research on natural, toxin-free products and where to find them
  • Save Money: Price comparisons, and deals – or options to make your own!
  • Save Your Waistline: Quick clean-eating tips and recipes that are easy to follow
  • Save Your Sanity: Explaining, in simple terms, what’s good, bad and somewhere in between

Living Free means:
Free to Say Yes_About2
LIVE FREE is doing your best – and not feeling guilty because you can’t give up your favorite $40 cream blush and sometimes shop the “dirty dozen” because it’s cheaper.

About the Author

Over the past few years, I’ve become a conscious consumer. I started reading and researching online information on preservatives and unnecessary food coloring in my food, and trying to better understand the various and abundant chemicals in toiletries purchased for my growing family. I read a few books (written by people with a lot more insight into the environment, chemicals and human health). When I found out I was pregnant, I all but tossed everything in my kitchen and bathroom.

Making a lifestyle change is hard, expensive and time-consuming. I am “updating” my life slowly, and inviting you along for the ride. When I run out of an everyday household good, I’m making a better decision this time around. Typically I make a list of the top “green” or “natural” companies, the ingredients in each (always a surprise!), and the price – and then make a decision. I’ve become proficient at understanding how to read an ingredient list and a nutrition label. I make kale chips, quinoa, and my husband a little nervous. I’m now a new mother, and learning how to balance a healthy lifestyle, with very little time, one car – and a budding freelance marketing career.

I love learning, and I love that there is an abundance of great, free research available. This site is a fun, everyday approach to making better decisions in life for you and your family. (And some new-mom advice thrown in for good measure!)

Email me at BridgetKH@gmail.com

Thanks for LIVING FREE.


How are you LIVING FREE?

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