Monday Motivation

A little snow

A few weeks ago we went to Maine for a long weekend to visit relatives. I have a hard time, like most people, carving out time to workout. However, I’ve found that when a task is made a priority – it almost always gets completed. Hey, if these President’s can find time to go for a run while leading the free world, I certainly can squeeze in a 20 minute job during my hectic career as a working-mom.

Whether or not you agree with their political views, you have to admit these were busy, busy dudes.

Teddy Roosevelt Physically Fit PresidentBarack Obama in HawaiiGeorge Bush more Physically fit than Fit for being President

Teddy Roosevelt: Wrestled, boxed, fenced, rock-climbed, engaged in jujitsu, played tennis, rode horseback and hiked.

Barack Obama: Plays basketball and runs.

George W. Bush: Avid runner and mountain-biker.

Bill Clinton: Loves jogging and golf. (This is a pretty neat picture, no?)

Ronald Reagan: Football, swimming and horseback riding.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading.”



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