Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

One of the first resources I looked to when beginning my journey towards healthier eating and cleaner living was the Environmental Working Group. The EWG has lots of great resources and research to help consumers make betterdecisions – i.e. allowing you to LIVE FREE! Free of anxiety. Free of pesticides. Free to eat as much sweet, summer fruit as you want!

I believe you can (and should!) eat unlimited amounts of strawberries grown in the backyard 🙂 The season always seems too short. 

Eating Strawberries

At LIVE FREE, we love all things organic and local – but we also like to pay our rent on time and our cable bill (hello, Walking Dead!). What’s a girl to do? Stick to the Clean Fifteen™ and avoid the Dirty Dozen™.

According to the EWG, two-thirds of the produce samples tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture contained pesticide residues (2013). The Dirty Dozen is released each year and lists the produce with the most pesticides. The Clean Fifteen list contains the fruits and vegetables that are least likely to hold pesticide residues.

It’s simple. When you need to purchase something on the Dirty Dozen, buy organic. Organic apples too expensive? I hear ya! As an alternative try something on the Clean Fifteen: mangoes, grapefruit or kiwi. You can feel safe shopping in the non-organic produce section of your local grocery store for Clean Fifteen items (and probably save money by shopping with this method!).

You’ll save money and ingest less pesticides by grocery shopping with this method!

And guys, mangoes are awesome. Top a whole wheat tortilla with grilled fish and mango. For a family-pleasing side simply mix some chopped mango with black beans, lime juice and cilantro (my Dad’s specialty – always a hit).

Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Image from Environmental Working Group

Don’t feel stressed. Do your best. You can often get organic fruits and vegetables for a great deal in the freezer section. Freezer fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious and likely plucked during their peak season and flash-frozen. Perfect!



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